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When Darkness Falls - Ch. 17
Chapter 17 - Lockdown
The group walked down through the halls of the Vampire Guild, Elijah ignoring all the stares he was getting.  Some people dropped what they were carrying, some did the vampire equivalent of fainting and some just stopped and looked.  Jon did his best to not hiss at them, feeling remarkably defensive after just witnessing his new love die and come back so quickly.  Even Maleva had a look of worry on her face, not certain about what was going on and what Elijah's mindset was.  He'd refused to say anything to any of them before he finally approached the throne, and now he stood before Vlad and his half-circle of guards.  Untouched, as always.
“Well well well, to whom do I owe this honor?” Vlad asked, smiling lightly to the group.
“We need to speak immediately, Vlad.  In private,” Elijah said.
“I have other things to tend to, angel,” he said, almost spitting out the title.
“So did I.  Or did you forget who I am?” Maleva
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NxE: Take My Lips - Chapter 8
Chapter 8 – The Day After
The two left the creek after about an hour.  Nick complained about his pruniness the entire way back.
"Freakin' stinkwater.  How did you convince me to get in there again?" he asked, sighing but keeping his hands away from his face, knowing he'd already had too much of the water soaked into his pores.
"Yew loved it and yew know it," Ellis replied with a clever wink.  He was driving shirtless, letting his shirt air out in the back seat with the windows open.  Nick was trying very hard to not stare at his figure, but it was remarkably difficult – even with the amount of self-control the poker player normally exhibited.  He particularly liked how Ellis's abs almost barely curled in, despite his sitting position.  They were still almost a flawless six-pack, just occasionally bubbling in and out with his breathing.  As Nick drew his eyes upward, he noticed something he hadn't before.
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Or it didn't happen by Sefriu Or it didn't happen :iconsefriu:Sefriu 1 2
Jon glanced out at the legions he saw before him.  Elijah landed a few feet away from him, folding his wings behind himself.
"Jon," he stated calmly.  The younger man's icy blue eyes darted to his right, where his lover stood.
"I never thought I'd see the day," he said, folding his arms tightly as he bit his lip.
"What will we do?" Elijah asked, glancing out to the numbers.  He cringed as he saw the sheer amount of them – would the pair be able to do anything to fight them?
"We'll give 'em what they want.  Otherwise, we'll be overwhelmed."
"Let's hope they've got some mercy... or at least like us," Elijah said.  After a few moments of eerie silence, the two still staring out at the field, Elijah spoke up again.
"How many of them are there?" he asked.  Jon raised his head, standing tall, as he tilted his neck to face Elijah.
"... I've counted five thousand."
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When Darkness Falls - Ch. 16
Chapter 16 – Beginning
Garrett took his father's hand and stood up, dusting himself off briefly.
In no particular order, the group filed out of the room, following Ash and Lady Moon, since they knew their way around best.
It was only a couple of minutes before they arrived at the the sevawolf hall.  Elijah tried to remember the route best he could, but was pretty sure he'd forget it.  Garrett would probably know it though, Elijah thought and smiled.
Maleva had finally returned to her position on the throne, sitting as regal and beautiful as ever.  Elijah smiled as he saw her, and she returned the favor, though a hint of curiosity showed as she saw his parents.
"And who are these fine folks?" she asked, standing up from her throne, sauntering down the steps in the same gown she had been wearing the last time he'd seen her – and every time before, for that matter.
"Maleva... these are my parents.  Arthur and Dominga," Elijah repl
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Fanfiction Meme!! by Sefriu Fanfiction Meme!! :iconsefriu:Sefriu 4 9
When Darkness Falls - Ch. 15
Chapter 15 - Revelation
The older one closed the door slowly behind him.
"I don't like the sound of that," he said, taking baby steps to Jon, who looked comfortably situated.
"I know.  But it's best to get this out of the way first."  Elijah scratched at his ear, speeding up just a hair.  Jon sat, his bright eyes on Elijah, waiting patiently on the couch.  When Eli finally sat down, he rested at the opposite end of the couch.  Jon furrowed his brow.
"You know I won't bite you, right?" he asked.  Elijah shrugged briefly.
"I uh... I guess, yeah."
"Scooch closer," Jon said.  The shorter of the two hesitated before doing so, moving about three inches to the right.  Jon smirked.
"Well, guess that's as good as it gets," he said.
"What did you want to talk about?" Elijah asked, eager to change the subject.  Jon shifted slightly.
"I wanted to discuss the strategy to keep Melissa away from you."
"Maleva ha
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NxE: Take My Lips - Chapter 7
Chapter 7 – First Wonder
Breakfast arrived pretty fast after the awkward/smug moment, but the younger two wolfed down their food while Nick patiently and calmly ate his.
"Why yew eatin' so slow?" Ellis asked him.  Nick shrugged.
"Tastes better," he said.
"Ya gotta eat slower and less when ya get old," Keith taunted between bites.
"Some of us learned to talk without our mouths full," Nick sniped.  Keith shut up once again, though he was still fuming and trying to figure out how to get Nick.  The problem was that he wasn't normally as sharp-witted as the fancy Northerner, so he was usually unarmed when it came to a battle of witty comebacks.  He decided the best thing to do, for now, was to keep silent until he thought of something really clever to say.  Meanwhile, Ellis began talking to Nick once again.
"So whatcha doin' today?" he asked.  Nick shrugged.
"Probably just gonna see the sights again.  What're
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When Darkness Falls - Ch. 14
Chapter 14 – Virgin Blood
Elijah stared back at the greedy faces before him.
"What say you?" he asked, smirking at his own reference.  The responding faces were not disappointing.  The most notable expression was on the German one who had initially spoken to him.  He actually looked like a more muscular, tanner, older, thicker, bald version of Jon, if Elijah really dug deep.  Most of their noticeable similarities remained in their facial structure – particularly their eye color.  Both of them had the same bright and brilliant blue eyes, and for just a moment, Elijah almost got lost in them... before he pulled himself back to reality.
"How much?" asked the German one, his accent shining through his dialogue.
"... Enough to get me what I want," Elijah replied, his face cold.  He knew that if he presented himself innocently, they would drain him until there was nothing left.
"Well well, looks like we have a keeper," the
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NxE: Take My Lips - Chapter 6
Chapter 6 – First Date
It wasn't long before Nick decided to call Ellis.  In fact, it was roughly twelve hours, since they both needed a good night's sleep – or an attempt at one.  Nick was trying so hard to not seem desperate, but at the same time he wanted this young man more than anything he could even think of at the time.  Aside from breakfast, of course, but he wanted to share that with someone this morning.
He knew Ellis was off now because it was morning, and assuming Ellis only worked at the strip club, he should just be waking up like Nick.  The gambler didn't want long-distance charges on his cell phone, so he dialed Ellis from the room phone.  After three rings, he picked up.
"Hullo?" he asked.  Nick smirked.
"Hey kid, it's me.  Nick."
"Oh hey Nick!  Whatcha doin' up so early?"  God what a sweet, somehow-innocent voice.
"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to grab some grub t
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When Darkness Falls - Ch. 13
Chapter 13 – Return
"Killing them?  How so?" Max asked.  Elijah kept his eyes on the road while Max looked to him.
"Well, you said you had to take care of a group of rogue vampires down in Texas, right?  I'm assuming you didn't just distract them until the sun rose.  They wouldn't be that stupid, would they?" Elijah asked.  Max's face slowly formed into a grin, though no one could see it.
"You always were the smart one," Max reiterated.  Elijah grinned in response.
"So tell me."
"Well, yeah, most vampires won't stay out until sunlight unless they have a serious death wish.  But just in-case, the guild usually sends sevawolves to fight vampires and vice versa."
"Why's that?" asked Andrew.  Elijah looked to him oddly.  However, since he didn't know much about the societies, he figured that it would be best for Max to explain.
"Vampires and sevawolves have one assured weakness each –
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Mature content
NxE: Take My Lips - Chapter 5 :iconsefriu:Sefriu 6 21
When Darkness Falls - Ch. 12
Chapter 12 – Reunion
"Been a while, hasn't it Elijah?" Max asked casually.  Elijah was still gawking.
"You... you died," he began.
"Not quite.  Something else happened.  I became... one of these creatures."  He gestured to Ash, who raised an eyebrow.
"You're not a vampire," she replied, her voice cold.
"Whatever, we're lumped in the same group anyway," he snorted.
"So you're a sevawolf?" Elijah asked.  Max nodded once.
"I am.  I do some side missions every now and then, but I'm nothing special among this society," he replied.
"I'll say," Ash noted, earning her a sneer from Max.  She raised both eyebrows at him, as if to say what're you gonna do about it?
"Shit.  We have some catching up to do, in that case," Elijah told him.  He looked back to Ash, who was now returning his gaze.
"Ash.  Thank you for taking me here.  I'll find you once I'm caught up with my old frie
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NxE: Take My Lips - Chapter 4
Chapter 4 – Return
The day passed by normally, nothing noteworthy happening to either Nick or Ellis and Keith.  The three proceeded about their days normally, all anxious for the night to come, obviously all for different reasons.  Ellis was nervous about having to dance again, reality suddenly striking him and making him realize he might be driving his chances of a career with cars into the ground.  Keith was excited because tonight was his pay night, happy that he was going to be able to spend a few dollars after they got off work.  Nick was anticipating that lovely body Ellis had been blessed with, almost quivering at the idea of it close to him.  Should he be so lucky...
Nick had swindled only a few folks out of their money in the hours he'd been at the bar.  If he did it constantly, the bartender or other bar patrons would have suspected him and probably kicked him out, so he made sure to lose a few times, but only w
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NxE: Take My Lips - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 – Morning
When he awoke the next morning, Ellis was still a bit groggy from the night before.  He'd stayed out too long and decided to get a few drinks before heading back home.  Oog, that was a mistake.  His head was pounding because his inebriated self hadn't bothered to get any water in his system.  He was thankful that security had allowed him a somewhat safe trip home, guarding him from potential stalkers on the way to his truck, though they still let him drive a bit intoxicated.  It wasn't the first time they'd done it.  He rubbed his temples, trying to fight off his hangover, as he stumbled out of his bed, bringing a blanket with him.
Good thing mom's at work, his tired mind told him.  Otherwise I'd never hear the enda that.
Ellis glanced around at his somewhat plain room – the floorboards were wooden with tiny cracks running between them, though somehow bugs never took advant
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When Darkness Falls - Ch. 11
Chapter 11 – Checking Up
Elijah finally caught up to Ken, who was still walking briskly through the stone halls.  Elijah had to jog just to keep up with him – the man had remarkably long legs and put them to good use.
"Hey, thanks for guiding me to a room.  I mean, I must have looked like a wreck when I broke down in front of the empress like that-"
"Don't mention it.  She's always friendly, but you must be pretty special 'cause I've never seen her treat someone with such care and kindness," he shot back.  He almost sounded resentful, his tone sharp.  Maybe he was just hurried to get Elijah to his spot so he could go back to guarding his ruler?
"Oh really?  Well that's cool, I suppose," he began, but Ken stopped and turned to face him.  Elijah stopped as well, his eyes wide and a small frown on his face.
"It's cool?  Yeah, it's real cool that you just come along and earn her respect right away whe
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Who's got deviants? I do. I can't draw for crap but boy can I write! :iconderpplz:


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I am a horrible person.

No really, I know it has been WAY too long since my last Take My Lips update. I have been working on the latest chapter recently.

The problem that I have is that whenever I start to write something, I just shake my head and delete it because it sounds REALLY, REALLY dumb. So I'm making very slow progress.

Since this story seems to be the only one that had any kind of a following, I'll work on that exclusively now. When Darkness Falls goes onto the back-burner.

Just wanted to update you all, since I know it's been a very long time.

My apologies. :(

P.S. Feeling kinda depressed lately - shouldn't, but I do. Not sure what's going on there.


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